Handmade Bahr Soap
Artisan Soaps

I make soaps from scratch for family, friends, and neighbors.  Each soap is handmade in small batches using traditional techniques.  These soaps are appropriate for cleansing the face, body, and hands without stripping skin dry of its natural oils.

My inventory is highly variable and rotates regularly.  Please 
email me for information about current selection availability and other inquiries.


 Traditional soap is created by combining fat, a water based liquid, and an alkali.  Most of the oils turn into soap during a process called saponification.  The water evaporates during the lengthy curing process. The sodium hydroxide (lye) chemically coverts out and is not present in the final bar.  Better ingredients makes a better bar of soap.


I take pride in using high quality luxury plant-based oils such as mango butter, shea butter, and avocado oil.  Many of the oils that I use are food grade and some are organic.  My palm oil is always RSPO certified, meaning it is grown and harvested utilizing sustainable practices that don't contribute to rainforest deforestation.

Botanicanicals and Additives

Unsaponifiable ingredients add luxury and beauty.  These often include botanical extracts, spices, flower petals, plant seeds and shells, milk, honey, aloe, loofah, pumice, and clays.

Some additives are animal products, but are sourced from small family farms.

Fragrances and Colors

Many people enjoy a plain unscented and uncolored bar of soap.  

To create more colorful and scented options, I utilize cosmetic grade micas, iron oxides, essential oils, and/or fragrance oils.  I do not use ingredients that contain parabens or preservatives.